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Die casting can refer to any kind of casting using a die such as gravity die casting or low pressure die casting, yet here die casting only refer to high pressure die casting. Aluminum die casting is a process of casting Aluminum alloy under pressure, which can produce precision parts in high volume at low costs.


1. Advantages of die casting process

1.1 high volume but low cost Compared with aluminum sand casting and gravity casting, aluminum die casting can produce precision parts in high volume at low costs.

1.2 good surface finish and good dimensional accuracy,Aluminum die casting generally has good surface finish and good dimensional accuracy. For many parts, post-machining can be totally eliminated, or very light machining may be required to bring dimensions to size.


2. Disadvantages of die casting process

2.higher cost of die casting mould, The cost of tooling of die casting is much more expensive than those as sand casting, gravity casting and investment casting.

2.2 high porosity, Though the porosity of die casting can be adjusted by using much higher pressure with a much larger and heavier mold, the porosity can not be avoided and is much more than that is made with low pressure casting and gravity casting. Furthermore,porosity leads die casting parts to be not suitable for heat treatment.Thus the consistence can not be compared with gravity castings.




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