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Surface treatment before metal die casting operation 2019-11-01

    Before the hardware is die-casted, the surface should be treated to achieve no oil, rust and impurities, because the surface is usually covered with rust, scale, slag or dust during storage and transportation. There are many ways to deal with the surface of the dirt, and I will give you a detailed introduction today.

    1. Mechanical treatment method: This method mainly includes shot peening, shot blasting and polishing, etc. It is also the most used cleaning method in the metal die casting factory. The shot blasting method uses centrifugal force to accelerate the projectile and throw it onto the surface of the workpiece. The method of cleaning the rust is carried out; the polishing method is familiar to everyone, and it is a method of removing the scale of the surface by performing high-speed rotation on the surface under the action of the motor.

    2.manual processing: This method is mainly manual work, and the tools used mainly include grinding wheels, wire brushes and scrapers. This method can remove the scale and rust on the surface of the workpiece, but this method is labor intensive, the work efficiency is very low, and the cleaning is not very clean, so many hardware die-casting manufacturers rarely take it. This method is gone.

    3. Chemical treatment methods:It is mainly a method in which a basic or acid-alkaline solution is used to make contact with the surface of a metal die-casting part, thereby generating a series of chemical reactions to remove the dirt on the surface.

    The most common surface treatment methods for metal die-casting parts are the above three. You can choose the appropriate processing method according to the actual situation. The purpose of using these methods is to ensure that the surface of the metal die-casting parts is clean and free of residues such as acid and alkali. There is also no adhesion of impurities and the like.


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