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The dragon boat spirit 2020-06-23

    Dragon Boat Festival, one of China's four traditional festivals, is a folk festival that combines praying for prosperity and disaster, celebrating entertainment and eating. There are mainly dragon boat racing, sacrificial dragon, picking herbs, Hanging Calamus, noon water, wash herbal water, worship god and worship ancestors, dip dragon boat water, eating zongzi, put paper dragon, put paper kite, tie five-color silk thread, perfume bag and other customs. In particular, the dragon boat race is very popular in the southern coastal areas of China. It is loved by people all over the world and forms an international competition.

    Dragon-boat race, as an important dragon-boat festival folk custom, is not only a simple sports activity and competitive competition, but also stimulates people's deep sense of mission, forming a kind of "dragon-boat spirit" of chasing after each other, never giving up, striving for excellence and being united.

    This "dragon boat spirit" is embodied in the body of every one of INNOVAW!

    As of June, thanks to the unremitting efforts of our team, the number of new product developments has tripled compared with last year. In the early stage, we did APQP (product quality planning) and simulation process, and finally provided customers with satisfactory samples!


Some classic cases of samples


    Good culture, good spirit, has a strong appeal. Dragon boat spirit into the blood, become the inspiration of wisdom, inexhaustible source of power struggle. INNOVAW people are "paddlers" who brave the wind and waves, and unite as one to achieve the vision of " Become a comprehensive leading enterprise of professional casting and machining in China!" and struggle!

    Here I wish you all a healthy and happy Dragon Boat Festival in advance!




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