INNOVAW has a strong and professional R&D team. We use advanced CAD, CAE, CAM and other software designs to continuously improve innovation capabilities and establish a huge standard mold database. The company has many years of experience in design and development, and we continue to accumulate to provide customers with better quality molds and strong technical support.

Maybe you are just an idea or concept, you can start working with us so that we can put your idea into a 3D model or sample. The headquarter R&D team makes full use of the best knowledge and skills to communicate closely with customers to design high-quality molds. However, if you give us a complete CAD drawing or 3D model, first we will review the analysis, design, manufacturing, production without any problems, we will follow every step closely.


We have CAD / CAM / CAE system, mainly use the following advanced software for design and engineering:


-Pro / Engineer / SolidWorks / Unigraphics (3D modeling)

-AutoCAD (2D modeling)

-CATIA (3D modeling)

-MasterCAM (CNC programming)

-Mold flow analysis (injection simulation/deformation simulation)



Mold design is the most important step in mold manufacturing. In order to ensure high-quality plastic parts, we analyze and determine the mold structure from the gate, runner, cooling system and ejection system to ensure the best solution. At the same time, we also pay more attention to details, such as the selection of mold steel, mold base, mold accessories, and plastic raw materials. Before starting production, we will send the mold design and drawings to the customer for approval. The headquarters communicates on the basis of standardizing employee behavior, and clearly requires employees to ensure that the quality of products and services requires frank, simple and effective communication with customers, and seeks team members to suggest organizations to improve work efficiency.



Glossary of die cast tooling terms:


• Trim Die - Cuts the excess aluminum around die castings fast to save the customer money. 
• Slides - To accomodate undercuts in a die cast part. 
• Interchangeable cores - To make the different size holes in the die cast parts. 
• Waterlines - To increase the production cycles each hour. 
• Vents - To allow the gasses to escape from the die cast die. 
• Overflows - To regulate the temperature in the die cast dies. 
• Ejector Pins - Required to push the die cast part out of the mold. 
• Draft - Required angle perpendicular to the parting plane to allow the die cast parts to eject.

Aluminum die casting desgin

Aluminum casting design includes raw casting design with die casting mold, finish production design involving post machining and other surface finishing such as electroplating, electrophoresis, painting, anodizing and powder coating. Casting design is not a simple and plain working only invloving die casting mold and raw casting. We need to take into consideration every manufacturing steps.

Zinc die casting desgin

There two kinds of die casting processes available for zinc high pressure die casting. Commonly we cast samll zinc die cast products by hot chamber die casting machine, and larger parts by cold chamber die casting machines. Thus before we start zinc die casting design, we will confirmed with customers which kinds of machine he prefers. Eecept of this issue, the design of zinc die casting is quite the same as that of aluminum die casting







Simulation analysis for mould design


R&D software


• 3-d design software 
• 2-d design software
• Handling file formates: igs, stp, step, dxf, dwg, and any formates can be handled by above softwares 
• Mold flow analysis of die casting mold(3D flow simulation) 
• CAD Systems:
Solid Works
AutoCad / CADKey 
• CAM Systems:
Virtual Gibbs

We are the professional Pressure Die Casting ,aluminium & aluminum pressure die casting,Low pressure die casting in China.




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Glossary of die cast tooling terms:

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