Significance of Low-pressure Die Casting for Different Industries

The low pressure die casting is a new and advanced technology that produces castings when the molten aluminum metal forced into the molds to get hardened at a certain level of pressure. The products are more durable and stronger with high density. It can able to produce the most complex casting parts to meet industrial needs.

In this low pressure die casting process, the castings are produced of aluminum, magnesium as well as other low melting point alloys. The weight of the parts will be from 2-150 kg. Searching for a reliable and experienced low pressure die casting manufacturer in China? Look no further than NINGBO INNOVAW MECHANICAL CO., LTD.

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Working process of low pressure die casting-

The molten metal filled in the mold at a certain level of pressure.

Then the holding furnace is placed in the lower part of the vertical die casting machine.

The liquid metal get solidified

Significance of low-pressure die casting:

Most important point is that it produces castings with thin-wall and large surfaces.Because of measured, low turbulence, and quickest solidifies of molten metal, it manufactures the components with a fine-grained, solid structure and good mechanical properties.

It produces the casting components with the highest range of dimensional accuracy and surface quality as compared with the sand casting process.

The low pressure die casting process involved aluminum thathas worthy electrical conductivity and greater thermal conductivity. So the parts are widely used for various Automotive, Medical, earthmover, petroleum, electricity, and lighting industries.

It is the most convenient and cost-effective process that can able to produce a large volume of components using a single mold. So small and medium-sized businesses can use this low pressure die casting process for their required applications.






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