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INNOVAW is an experienced aluminum die casting manufacturer. We are dedicated to aluminum die casting mold design, development and manufacture of high quality and reliable aluminum die casting parts. Provide high-quality, cost-effective aluminum die-casting molds and aluminum die-casting components to meet customer requirements. Our commitment to quality control ensures our customers receive exceptional products delivered on time and within budget. INNOVAW has rich experience in the die casting industry and is equipped with the most advanced machinery and equipment, a team of highly skilled experts with many years of working experience in metal die casting companies. Committed to providing customers with high quality and advanced manufacturing services with maximum flexibility for small and medium batch production.

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Research and development capabilities:

Aluminum Die Casting Mold:

To produce high-quality aluminum die-casting mold design, many factors need to be considered when designing the mold;

Improving the mold design can improve the end result.

Draft: In order to accurately eject the casting from the mold, a draft angle is required. It is the degree to which the gap between the mold wall and the casting can be reduced. A good draft can provide a high-quality mold design.

Fillets: Fillets reduce sharp edges on castings. Sharp edges directly affect the quality of the product, so rounded corners are placed in the mold to improve the quality.

Parting Lines: Parting lines prevent molten metal from flowing into spaces where it should not. Accurate parting lines can lead to better mold design.

Bosses: These are the knobs in the die casting process. They help to fit the molten metal in the mold. Use bosses to improve wall thickness.

Ribs: This increases the material strength of the casting if the casting does not have the thickness required for the product.

Mold flow analysis of aluminum die casting mold:

Mold flow analysis is done by creating a simulation of molten metal flowing into a mold. This is done using various software. The purpose of setting up a complete molten metal process is to check any limitations that the process may have.

The flow of metal into the mold affects the properties of the cast metal. Therefore, to avoid any inconvenience during machining, mold flow analysis is very helpful.

The color map shows the properties that will be reflected in the metal casting to be produced. The process is a diagram of an object, indicating that the product will perform optimally after production. Defects are detected in advance. The following processes can be prevented in advance through the mold flow analysis process:

Find flaws in design geometry;

Prevent costly tooling errors and rework;

Enhance manufacturability;

Reduce development time;

improve efficiency and quality;



Manufacturing capacity:

INNOVAW From aluminum die casting to CNC machining, we can manufacture aluminum die castings for various industries. Our services include aluminum and zinc die casting, a range of CNC milling and turning, and a wide range of different surface treatments to ensure the quality of your products. We are committed to producing quality parts for a variety of different industries.

The factory has passed the certification of IATF 16949, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. According to customer needs, it provides solutions in product development, from structural part design to casting parts, optimizes product design, reduces costs, and creates more value for customers. Follow the procedure below:

Strengthen the ability to deliver high-quality products;

meet all relevant regulatory and statutory requirements;

Achieving high levels of customer satisfaction and developing relationships;

Strengthen the quality management system and improve enterprise efficiency;

Enhance the quality awareness of all employees and improve the corporate culture;

Continuous improvement of production processes and quality standards;

Regularly strive to achieve customer satisfaction with products and services;

Prevent product defects and reduce substandard products;

Facilitate production procedures that reduce variation and waste;

Increase productivity and train all employees accordingly.



Detection ability:

INNOVAW High Quality Aluminum Die Casting Products and Processing, provides high quality die casting, fabricated and machined products through Process Development and Product Quality Planning (APQP). The product has passed compression test, three-coordinate precision measurement, material analysis, spectrometer, measurement/visual inspection, microscope test, X-ray inspection,

Surface roughness testing, laser/scanner software, first article inspection, in-process inspection and final inspection to control the quality control of the whole production process.



Process control:

Controlling the manufacturing process is critical to achieving manageable, reliable operational growth. We adopt the world one

Flow systems to control and support information management, manufacturing processes, quality systems, inventory, safety, environment and other necessary systems. Our quality management team uses the core tools APQP, FMEA, PPAP, MSA and SPC to ensure that production can deliver quality products.

INNOVAW's focus on customer satisfaction lays the foundation for delivering superior products that meet specifications and exceed customer expectations. As an IATF 16949, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified manufacturer and supplier, we continuously maintain our manufacturing quality and management at the highest level.


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