The Need for Aluminum Gravity Casting

Gravity die casting is a précised manufacturing process that always creates high-quality parts and components as per the customer's requirement. When it comes to Aluminum gravity casting, this process is specially used for fulfilling the demand of small to medium-sized industries with complex-shaped parts and good surface quality.


As this process is cost-effective with guaranteed quality parts, it is widely used by the manufacturers in China. If you are looking for the best Aluminum gravity casting manufacturer, then we are your one-stop solution. NINGBO INNOVAW MECHANICAL CO., LTD is a well-known aluminum gravity casting manufacturer in China.



Leading Aluminum Gravity Casting Manufacturer

As a leading Aluminum gravity casting manufacturer and supplier, small and medium-sized batchdie-cast products at very competitive prices. This could give you benefits as they are reasonable. We have our well-structured foundry with a dedicated and expert team that makes us stand out. We have been successfully operating for over many years as a reputed Aluminum gravity casting Supplier in China and providing products with all surface finishing facilities.


We aim at delivering the Aluminum gravity casting parts with the highest quality with value-added service to our clients. Our die-cast components always maintain great flexibility in the production and get delivered in the shipping schedule that ensures superior customer satisfaction.


Clients can access the product's customization with different materials post treatments as per the functional needs of the casting. We offer a comprehensive range of die casting solutions such as high pressure die casting, gravity die casting, sand casting, etc. We handle each project carefully form design to delivery. We also provide powder coating, anodizing, painting, and assembly.


We always use cutting edge technology and the best materials for producing Aluminum gravity casting parts. As a reputed and trusted Aluminum gravity casting Supplier, we work with global clients.





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