The mold workshop is equipped with a group of professional mold design and manufacturing engineers who are proficient in 2D / 3D computer software to assist in mold design and manufacture machines including CNC machining centers, EDM, WEDM, universal milling machines, friction welding equipment, etc.


Tool design process


INNOVAW has advanced engineering technology and cooperates with customers to design excellent products to achieve cost-effective manufacturing.

At the beginning, in order to meet customer requirements, we will communicate with customers to discuss more details based on the drawings and collect their needs. Then, we use tools such as FEA, mold flow simulation to clarify and identify key unresolved issues that can be resolved to ensure successful production of parts.

In addition, some prototype options also support our product development and tool design process. INNOVAW can provide rapid prototypes and HPDC components within 20 to 35 days-all of which have engineering support to view the results and make necessary recommendations.


Advanced product quality planning process

Product design in CAD/CAM, Pro/Engineer, CATIA or Nx

rapid prototyping

Mold flow analysis

Tool design

Mold procurement and technical review






Application Industry








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